Our Solutions

Start, run, and grow a highly impactful genetics program


Screen and Generate Referrals

Use online screening tools to identify the patients at higher risk than the general population. Improve genetics referral uptake by 5x using patient navigation and digital outreach tools.


Increase Capacity in Genetic Counseling

Patients complete a self-assessment of their cancer risk before the appointment so that genetic specialists can focus more time on analyzing data than gathering it from scratch.


Navigate Patients to Personalized Care

Improve patient adherence to personalized cancer prevention and survivorship care plans, through ongoing patient engagement and self-management tools.

Key Benefits

Identify All Patients At Risk

20% of women in mammography centers met criteria for genetic counseling referrals.

Save Time, Serve More

Reduce time spent on clerical tasks from 70% to less than 20%, increase capacity to see patients.

Increase Patient Adherence

Realize downstream revenue and cost saving opportunities from utilization of breast MRIs, colonoscopies, and other preventative services.

Robust Clinical Assessments

Incorporates the latest cancer risk models, lifestyle risk factors, and NCCN® guidelines.

Capabilities for Diverse Practice Settings

Cancer & Breast Centers

COC-accredited and NAPBC-accredited programs responsible for offering genetic cancer risk assessment services

Genetics Practices

Standalone genetics programs trying to manage referral relationships with oncology and preventative care practices

OBGYN Practices

OBGYN programs responsible for identifying at-risk patients and navigating them towards genetics services

Our Results to Date

Patients Screened

Individuals at Risk

Patients Seeking Personalized Care